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We couldn't be happier!
We fell in love with Kids R Kids Milton from the day we toured their facility! Ms. Peggy was so warm and welcoming to us. Every morning we are welcomed with friendly smiles from Ms. Angela and Ms. Sarah and early drop off with Ms. Ashley, who are always willing to help when we need anything. Our son is in the Private PreK program and absolutely loves going to school! His teachers are Ms. Amanda and Ms. Angie, both are so kind and sincere, which also both have made such an impact in our son's academic skills that he comes home everyday excited to tell us what he learned that day. We couldn't be happier with the staff at Kids R Kids Milton and we are so glad our son is so proud to call it "his school."
Thanks to Jessica
I wanted to say thanks to Jessica, it was difficult dropping off Isaiah this week. When I took him in to drop him off he hung on tight and cryed when I tried to hand him over. Thankfully Jessica was there with a big smile and positive attitude to help with the situation. In the afternoon when I picked him up Jessica had that same big smile and positve attitude. When I dropped off Isaiah today it was much eaiser becuase Jessica was there to greet us with that familiar smile. THANKS JESSICA for caring!
Tie Guy
Talkers Room Teachers
My son Sebastian attended your school for a period of 8 months. We would like to let you know how happy we were with the teachers that took care of him. Sebastian was very happy to go to school everyday. They were always very loving and nurturing to him. We would like to express our gratitude to Ms. Inna, Ms. Manika, Ms. Sam, Ms. Erika and Ms. Jade for their hard work. We would also like to thank Peggy for her professionalism and for always being very welcoming and helpful. Sincerely, Maria Munoz-Inoue & Ariel Inoue
Maria Munoz-Inoue
thank you MS. Amanda (GA Pre K program teacher)
I m really happy to say that krish is now showing a lot of interest in learning and exploring things in almost in every thing . And all the credit n appreciation goes to you.He really loves the way you teach him ,today n yesterday we did the money sorting ,he gave me the directions n told ,"how ms. Amanda does , we will do that mamma"!!! And we had so much fun !!! Even last week the theme was about the American flag !!! N now everywhere he sees The flag , he tells every thing about it!!!!! So heartiest thank you ma'am to you , for putting in such great efforts n making them interesting for them to learn....he sure loves you a lot ms. Amanda ,n also he tell us about your dog folly ,that he loves to eat ice cream Thank you again n God bless u always Wonderful teacher .....
We LOVE IT becausee they are so caring and loving!!!
I want to THANK ALL the staff at Kids R Kids Milton. I moved my son to Kids R Kids after being at another child care facility. WOW........ I am amazed at the difference in child care we receive at Kids R Kids.... the staff and teachers smile and greet my son and I every morning and every afternoon! I truly feel my son is receiving QUALITY CARE and an EXCELLENT EDUCATION. The curriculum is more playful... which I love!! He seems to be learning more in the playful environment that Kids R Kids offers. The staff and children seem to be so HAPPY! My son cried every morning at the other center and no one tried to make his morning transition easier. Ms. Erica has been WONDERFUL in trying to help make my son's drop off less stressful for him and for me. THANK YOU Ms. Erica for working with us. My son is now waving and saying "Bye mommy". Such a blessing to finally be able to drop off my son without any tears. The level of communication is AWESOME! I am very pleased to be able to talk with my son's teachers in the afternoon briefly about his day. Both Ms. Erica and Ms. Lisa are great about communicating important information or just a little something about my son's day. I feel my family is blessed to be part of Kids R Kids, because the amount of love and care that they show all their children and families. They TRULY care about the children, their well-being, happiness and their education. THANK YOU KIDS R KIDS Milton!!
Laura D.
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